2015 IT in Review (Top 10 IT items)

As we reach the end of 2015, here is my list of Top 10 IT items to consider and plan for 2016

  1. Make sure your OS (operating system) is current, I recommend running Windows 10. Windows XP and Vista are unsupported and vulnerable to attack. Windows 7 and 8 get a free upgrade to Windows 10 (until July 2016). You have less than one year to take advantage of the free upgrade offer. Just make sure you do it before July 28th 2016. Plan Accordingly.
  2. Upgrade to QuickBooks 2016 – if you have the Intuit service plan, you can get the new version of software included in your plan, we can help you with the upgrade if needed.
  3. Take advantage of 3rd party add-ons for QuickBooks – there are hundreds at http://marketplace.intuit.com. Contact us to help you discuss, evaluate and decide what is right for you.
  4. Stay current on Credit Card Merchant processing – check your PCI compliance, EMV card acceptance, be aware of the liability shift to the merchant if you haven’t upgraded.
  5. Enhance your security – follow good password practices (use a phrase, rotate the passwords, don’t use the same password for all sites), enjoy the benefits of a new WiFi/Router (better range and better security), and check out http://www.cisecurity.org – Center For Internet Security
  6. Use the cloud where it makes sense – Look at what you should be doing in the cloud, Hosted QB or move to QuickBooks Online, Office 365, etc, evaluate having/using a portal
  7. Enjoy a current smartphone – The new android and iPhones are faster and offer more features. Here is a site to review phones http://www.phonescoop.com
  8. Have a good web presence – update your website – make it reflect your brand, make it mobile device friendly
    1. If you don’t have a webpage you can start with a free simple 1 page site from https://www.strikingly.com – Build a free website for you & your business, in minutes
  9. Leverage Social Media – promote your brand on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
    1. Here are examples for our firm
  1. Upgrade your hardware – have the right equipment to run your programs
    1. Consider 2 in 1 laptops and powerful tablets – New Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, iPad Pro – these can replace a desktop in some cases
    2. Better CPUs – Intel released new chips this year (Skylake desktop Core i5 and i7 microprocessors, using Skylake-S core) and in 2016 we’ll see new 14nm chip Broadwell-E, Kaby Lake-S and Apollo Lake Processors. http://gizmodo.com/intels-new-skylake-processors-what-you-need-to-know-1728020921
    3. Intel NUC systems are small and compact form factors with the same power as tower desktops – http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/overview.html and http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2489690,00.asp
    4. Upgrade your memory to 8+ Gb RAM
    5. For your Hard Drive, SSD are at the right price point to replace old spinning (slower) hard drives.


Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA.CITP, is founder and principal of Mendelson Consulting (www.mendelsonconsulting.com), an accounting technology firm that assists entities with planning, selecting and implementing business management systems. The firm was selected as Top Technologist by the Sleeter Group and Top Integrations Advisor by Insightful Accountant. Nowogrodzki is a member of the Florida Institute of CPAs Business Technology Section; a contributing author and speaker for Intuit, Accountex, and the Woodard Group. Contact him at mario@mendelsonconsulting.com or at 954-447-0250.

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  1. david bergstein

    Excellent points made here especially about considering a move to the cloud where applicable as it reduces internal IT costs if you can eliminate infrastructure

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