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If you are like many business owners, you understand the challenges of implementing the right business IT strategy. There are likely gaps between what the business really needs and the processes currently developed, and bridging them requires knowing what technologies are available to meet the need. When the platform and systems don’t fit quite right, the business ends up facing organizational and productivity issues that prevent it from being as profitable as it might otherwise be. You know that you could be running more efficiently, but for some reason, you are not.

For every business regardless of size or complexity, there are fundamental aspects of technology that can not be overlooked. Migrating to cloud applications or services reduces the footprint of software on internal computers. Still, desktop and laptop computers are widely needed and used. Enabling users to perform their jobs using a standard and familiar working environment is key to enabling higher productivity (and the resulting higher profitability). The working environment must be available to workers regardless of location or device in order for the business to have the agility it needs in meeting the needs of remote offices or mobile users.

NOOBEH’s team has the experience and expertise to help businesses adopt virtual computing and platform models, and to implement technologies that can adapt even as the business landscape changes. We focus on providing professional solutions that can help businesses grow, reduce operating costs and optimize the efficiency of business processes, resulting in maximized output (and profitability). Our approach helps our clients increase productivity and efficiency through higher levels of collaboration and integration throughout the organization. For many of our clients, the greatest benefit is that we seamlessly handle the daily IT management requirements so that owners and their in-house people can concentrate on creating market differentiation.

Mendelson Consulting’s NOOBEH team can help you address a variety of business challenges and create winning strategies that positively impact your business. Our understanding of business process development and workflow management is bolstered by years of experience in multiple industries. We combine this with a thorough understanding of accounting and finance, software development, and application hosting technologies, enabling us to provide highly valuable, timely, and strategic advice for our clients.

We help businesses build stronger foundations.

Joanie Mann

Joanie Mann

Focus is on Digital business transformation for small/medium businesses. As the principal consultant for Cooper Mann Company and Noobeh's Director of Cloud Services, Joanie Mann provides support and guidance for businesses seeking to implement cloud solutions and hosted services in their IT environments and consults with solution providers to develop or expand application hosting and application delivery service offerings. Joanie is the Director of Delivery for Noobeh Cloud Services (a division of Mendelson Consulting), and is on the board of advisors of ACE Cloud Hosting &

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