Custom Training

Following are examples of specialized training projects we have been called to do. What the examples have in common is that we customized the QuickBooks training to each entity’s specific needs.

Post-World Cup QuickBooks Consulting

This was a week-long training and consulting engagement in Brasilia, Brazil for one of the World Cup sponsor organizations. The native language of Brazil is Portuguese, a language that shares roots with Spanish, although if you asked a third party, the two languages don’t sound anything alike. At the onset, it was suggested to us to conduct the meetings in English; this is an international organization, where most of the personnel are familiar enough with English to understand. But after a short while, it became evident that everyone was a lot more at ease when we communicated in Spanish. Yes, there were a few English terms mixed in the proceedings, but to our surprise, we were able to communicate in a mix of languages. Mostly, they speaking in Portuguese to us and we in Spanish to them, mixing in some newly learned words and terms in Portuguese of our own. Overall, besides the positive training and successful consulting results, the great takeaway was the mental and cultural exercise of communicating in different languages for a common purpose.

Ten Countries, One QuickBooks Call

This was a day-long QuickBooks training class for an international non-profit organization with locations in several continents. This training meeting was special because we conducted it over telephone/web conferencing, hosting fifteen attendees. The special part came in that the fifteen participants were attending from ten different countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and USA (Arkansas); they were representatives from the accounting offices from each of the client’s many locations. It was not until near the end that we realized how special a session this had been, hosting people from ten different lands into our very own computer. Even though the lands represent a variety of cultures, there was one common language – QuickBooks. In actuality, the common language was Spanish, in which we conducted the session. And even though the language was one, the terminologies for certain accounting or computer terms vary, depending on the country.

Shortly after this QuickBooks training session, the client arranged for another 2-day class. This time, eighteen members of the entity’s staff gathered in a large conference room in the client’s office in Bolivia; in attendance were participants from eleven countries.

QuickBooks in African Research

What would you say if someone approaches you asking for help in getting a large sum of money transferred from a Nigerian bank to the U.S.? Well, we received a similar note, except it was not for a large sum of money, but instead to help validate and re-implement an accounting and procurement system for a government agency in Nigeria. After arduous and careful project due diligence, Mario Nowogrodzki found himself bound to Abuja, Nigeria, to perform such engagement for a U.S. health research facility. It is one of several such outposts of the U.S. Military in Africa. After this successful deployment, similar accounting/project management systems would be implemented in the other locations.

The focus of the project was to create a system to track agency projects, objectives, and activities using QuickBooks. This involves tracking project budgeted and actual items, as well as including a procurement system to properly track supplies and fixed assets acquisitions and inventory. Definitely not a simple short engagement, hence the onsite travel requirement.

CPA Training for CPE

Several CPA firms have hired us for group training of their staff. Some choose to use their own training facilities and some choose to come to our state-of-the-art training facility opened in October 2012 (complete with a 70” touchscreen for ease of teaching and learning). Because the live training sessions are presented by a Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA.CITP, participating CPAs are able to earn valuable Continuing Professional Education credits towards their CPA license.


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