Inventory Solutions

One of our areas of expertise – perhaps due to our headquarters location – is that of wholesale and distribution. MENDELSON CONSULTING helps firms large and small implement new or improve existing inventory, order management, supply chain (ERP), and manufacturing solutions. Our expertise in and approach to inventory management and warehouse operations is well-known across the industry.

In order management, the goal is to unify the customer sales experience, potentially across multiple channels, with more flexible, coordinated product and service fulfillment. To address the way in which customers shop today – placing orders from multiple channels, including online, mobile, and face-to-face – companies must create a unified experience across sales and fulfillment channels and provide access to company-wide inventory information for all locations. Providing a solution that offers reliable information requires meticulous integration of the business processes (purchasing, sales, fulfillment, manufacturing, distribution). MENDELSON CONSULTING can help aggregate order management and inventory across systems to provide one consistent “source of truth” and more efficient operations.

In today’s global environment, companies have shifted their operations to include more importing of goods and are much more reliant overseas suppliers. This places greater emphasis on planning and procurement of materials and distributed goods. And the added landed costs which many times come separate from the actual goods (IE, shipping, duties, and more) need to be accounted for proper item profitability. All this causes many companies to reconsider their existing supply chain management system functionality, if they even have one.

Supply chain management is the management and movement of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and/or finished goods from one point of origin to the ultimate point of sale. These activities are a key part of an organization’s cost structure and profitability. Strong supply chain management software functionality is critical for success and our core concern for ERP software selection.

MENDELSON CONSULTING has strong supply chain management expertise across a variety of industries in both manufacturing and wholesale distribution environments. We help through the process of discovery, needs assessment, software selection, implementation and training, change management, and ongoing support.


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