“A consultant’s job is to ensure a good fit between vendor product and client need.” – Mario Nowogrodzki, company founder and principal

Looking out to the Atlantic Ocean as my witness, I filed the Articles of Incorporation of MENDELSON CONSULTING in January 1992. Hard to believe that a quarter century has passed. And a lot has passed since then.


Actually, memory! Among the first activities for the company in the early 1990’s was distributing computer memory modules; for those seeking nostalgia, among the few places you can still find Single Inline Memory Modules (SIMMs) are the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, and one of the storage bins at Mendelson Consulting (!!)

And not just selling SIMMs, but selling them online! Yes, even before the World Wide Web became the Internet of things, there was Usenet and other popular BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems, again for those seeking nostalgia). That is where the real selling on the Internet started! Search engine optimization back then meant downloading and uploading (and waiting!) message board posts using a 2400-baud modem. I thought the internet was blazing fast at 14400 and eventually at 57600-baud. Those were truly humble beginnings…

Sound foundation…

1After only a few years in public and private accounting, I founded MENDELSON CONSULTING on 27 January 1992, with the goal of helping organizations find appropriate solutions for computer information needs and implement those solutions through an expert professional team. The solutions started simply with accounting software training and support, and soon expanded to include the design, installation, and maintenance of computer network systems.

The firm’s purpose is to enable success through technology. The firm’s mission is to enhance accounting and management processes for small and midsize organizations by maximizing financial and operational technology solutions.

To small and midsized organizations that need to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of operations and finances, MENDELSON CONSULTING is the accounting technology partner that enables success. We specialize in solutions that maximize accounting and management information system processes to optimize operational and financial results.

Today, MENDELSON CONSULTING is a national firm based out of South Florida, with international reach in five continents, and all members of the organization share the same passion for technology.

More accolades than anyone in the industry…

  • First member of the Intuit Solution Provider program2
  • Elected to the Intuit Solution Provider Advisor Council – only one ever to be chosen for three consecutive terms
  • Selected to the “Top 10 ProAdvisors” list
  • Selected as the “Top Integrations ProAdvisor” from over 150,000 advisors worldwide
  • Recognized as a Top International Partner in the Intuit Reseller Program
  • 3-time selection to the annual “Top 100 ProAdvisors” list by theInsightful Accountant publication
  • Recognized as ‘Killer VAR’ byAccounting Technology magazine, acknowledging commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization
  • Recognized as ‘Technology Pacesetter’ byAccountingToday magazine, for reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events
  • 5-time selection to the ‘VAR Stars’ by the Bob Scott’s Insights publication, an exclusive group of firms honored for their accomplishments in mid-market financial software
  • 3-time winner ofthe Sleeter Group Consultants Network “Top Technologist” award

Thought and industry leader…

In the 1990’s, we specialized in the most widely used business management systems at the time – DacEasy, Peachtree, and SBT Accounting software. By the late 1990’s, we had the vision to realize that Intuit was becoming the industry leader with QuickBooks. By 2002, we became QuickBooks ProAdvisors and, as some would say, the rest is history.

But our history was not made by itself. We created our own success. Since the early 2000’s, at every industry event, at every QuickBooks consulting seminar and conference, we take an interest in the behind-the-scenes of Intuit’s products and services. To this day, we interact with business unit leaders and product managers. We take the time to meet and grow with colleague professionals, to learn and share experiences. By helping clients with Intuit and other vendor products over the years, we have gained an unparalleled expert view of the industry and the technology.

We are the consultants that train other consultants – For the past ten years, we have been invited to facilitate sessions at every QuickBooks consultants conference, national and internationally.

So today, when Intuit wants to roll out a new program, a new service, a new offer, what makes them come to us for wisdom? Why were we the only partner that ACCTivate and Fishbowl Inventory (the two leading inventory management add-ons) invited us to meetings for helping design their reseller programs? Why did Agiliron (a leading Point of Sale system) rely on our expert advice to refine their offerings and partner program? Why does TSheets (the leading timesheets add-on) consider us one of their top partners and advisory members? Why do Intuit product managers continually ask us for feedback on ideas for product enhancements? It is because we see beyond what is in front of us, we see the big picture of how a technology will solve a customer operational need. It is because of the level of detail in what we observe, what we notice, and how we carry out work. And it is because we have our mutual best interest in mind, which results in customer success.

We are SMB consultants…

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are organizations which have different information technology requirements and often face different challenges than do large enterprises, and whose resources are often constrained due to budget and staff. We are consultants concentrated on the technology success of SMBs, focusing on accounting solutions. In 2017, we are not QuickBooks consultants – we are technology success consultants.

At this quarter century mark, I thank my family who stands by me unconditionally every step of the way; their encouragement, patience, and support through thick and thin is beyond compare. I thank our partners and clients for enabling twenty five years of success. When reading this, know that I personally thank you for making this an enjoyable reality. And I am encouraged looking into the future.





Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA.CITP, is founder and principal of Mendelson Consulting (, an accounting technology firm that assists entities with planning, selecting and implementing business management systems. The firm was selected as Top Technologist by the Sleeter Group and Top Integrations Advisor by Insightful Accountant. Nowogrodzki is a member of the Florida Institute of CPAs Business Technology Section; a contributing author and speaker for Intuit, Accountex, and the Woodard Group. Contact him at or at 954-447-0250.

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  1. Marie Archuleta

    Congratulations Team Mendelson on 25 years.

    This is what Mendelson Consulting does so well: “A consultant’s job is to ensure a good fit between vendor product and client need.” – Mario Nowogrodzki, company founder and principal

    When hearing Mendelson Consulting one thinks of innovation, franchise, development, consultation, world class instruction, impeccable standards, integrity without compromise, diligence.

  2. Paula Kosseff

    I enjoyed looking back at your amazing career. Your review of your accomplishments and recognition was no surprise to me. You have alwaysbeen a capable professional with a warm and endearing personality.

    I cannot even imagine what you will accomplish in the next 25 years. Good luck to you.

    Best regards
    Paula Kosseff

  3. Caralee Valdez

    Congratulations! Great read…good memories!

  4. fran Reed

    Congratulations on this great milestone! I love it when I have the opportunity to learn from you.


    Felicitacione. Que continúen los exitos!

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