How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

how to keep your mind sharp albert einstein

Research into intellectual ability and aging shows that the more we use our brains, the longer they last. Regardless of a brain’s age, it responds to increased use by developing greater speed, flexibility and durability. Staying mentally fit is fun, too. Follow these tips to get the most from your mind.

Play Games

At local bridge clubs, people are preserving their mental faculties as well as having a good time. Card games and board games, from bingo to Scrabble, exercise the mind wonderfully.

Something New

Discover a hobby, take a course or travel. The stimulation of the new gets the brain into high gear. Reading books exposes the mind to new ideas. Learning to play a musical instrument is a fun brain workout.

Do It Differently

Try using your nondominant hand on the computer mouse. The task’s strangeness forces the brain to develop new neural pathways. Dress with your eyes closed. Take a different route to the mall. Challenge the brain to do standard tasks in different way.


The brain is part of the body and is strengthened by physical exercise. Regular, moderate effort, such as walking three times a week, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s significantly.

Eat, Drink, Sleep

Good nutrition, plenty of clean water and quality sleep are important for a healthy mind. The brain is 85% water. Make sure that its tank doesn’t run dry.



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