Preparing Your Business for Explosive Growth

Preparing for explosive growth in a business requires careful planning and strategic decision-making. To develop the information necessary to support these activities, businesses must implement their processes and systems to properly collect the data required. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to develop the systems which will support increased activity and business growth, only recognizing after the fact that the process support and the data they need isn’t there. To prevent being caught off guard with more business demand and not enough organization to support it, follow these recommendations to set the business up for success over the long run.

Set clear goals and adjust as required. You need to know what the business purpose is… the objective you hope to achieve with all this activity. Establish SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. With a set of smart goals and a well-defined objective, the business has a clear direction and a guide to assist in decision-making.

Build infrastructure that is scalable. If the business infrastructure can’t handle increased demand, the business can’t grow effectively. Scalable information technology and software systems, robust production capabilities with adequate human resource availability, and increased efficiency in supply chains will help the business meet increasing demand, while improved reporting and business intelligence helps to anticipate potential bottlenecks, allowing for plans to be developed to address them.

Make sure finance and accounting are set for growth. Strengthen overall financial management and review your financial processes to ensure they can accommodate growth. Implementing the right systems and software is necessary to not just optimize production and operations, but to provide a foundation for establishing sound accounting and financial practices which will help the business secure funding and manage cash flow effectively. A good way to evaluate your preparedness for growth is to prepare financial forecasts and stress tests to gauge your business’s financial resilience under various growth scenarios.

Streamline operations and automate where it makes sense. Evaluation of businesses processes is an ongoing task if your business is to continuously work to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Where opportunities for optimization and improvement exist, consider using automation and technology solutions to help streamline operations and reduce manual effort while remaining focused on enhancing customer experience and satisfaction through streamlined processes and improved service delivery.

Plan for Risk and Contingencies. You should try to identify potential risks and challenges associated with rapid growth, such as increased competition, supply chain disruptions, or changes in customer preferences. Develop contingency plans to mitigate these risks and ensure continuity of the business and operation. It may even make sense to consider diversifying your revenue streams to reduce dependency on a single market or product.

Monitor, adjust and adapt as needed. Key performance indicators (KPIs) should be regularly monitored, as should market trends, to stay informed about your business’s progress and to stay on top of industry developments. Use data analytics and reporting tools to gain insights and make data-driven decisions instead of operating on emotion. The business that plans for growth must remain agile and adaptable, adjusting strategies and operations as needed to accommodate changes in demand as they occur.

Preparation for rapid or expansive growth requires a proactive approach and continuous evaluation of your business’s readiness. Regularly reassess your strategies, make necessary adjustments, and stay focused on delivering value to customers as you scale.

Mendelson Consulting and the Noobeh cloud services teams are advisors and consultants with expertise in scaling businesses, and can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support through growth and other phases of enterprise expansion.


Joanie Mann

Joanie Mann

Focus is on Digital business transformation for small/medium businesses. As the principal consultant for Cooper Mann Company and Noobeh's Director of Cloud Services, Joanie Mann provides support and guidance for businesses seeking to implement cloud solutions and hosted services in their IT environments and consults with solution providers to develop or expand application hosting and application delivery service offerings. Joanie is the Director of Delivery for Noobeh Cloud Services (a division of Mendelson Consulting), and is on the board of advisors of ACE Cloud Hosting &

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