Private, Scalable and Agile IT Solutions

Noobeh’s methodology is simple:

Clients define their business needs and Noobeh delivers discrete, custom network infrastructure from Microsoft’s Azure platform. Infrastructure isn’t shared between clients. As a result, speed, security, and reliability are never compromised.

Founded by a CPA, Noobeh’s value is rooted in a client’s Total Cost of Ownership. Simply put, networks built on rented, private infrastructure, separate from other businesses, and properly configured by technicians, run at a better Risk to Cost ratio than on-premise gear or cloud-based point solutions.

  • Rock-Solid RDS. Users’ Software and data are served via Microsoft RDS. RDS is inherently secure and allows for a variety of presentation options, from full desktop to published apps. Commercially available Desktop and Server software are installed according to clients’ licensing and access requirements, replete with the right level of Microsoft SQL. Integrations, plugins and SDKs to off-platform clouds and SaaS run from a centralized server. No drama, just function.
  • Tight Access Controls. Once deployed, the network access is controlled according to client needs. Employees have specific permissions to perform their jobs. Noobeh can lock down the network and turn over administrative controls to the client or their IT team.
  • Back-Ups and Reliability. Back-ups are thorough, frequent, and meet your schedule and retention requirements. They’re saved daily on Azure and to a second secure facility. Restoration of files and directories are rapid and as specific as needed. Data testing prevents spoof, theft and ransom.
  • Unsurpassed Experience. Noobeh leadership has a combined 75 years’ experience in business process and technology delivery across many industries.

Private Cloud for Small Business

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