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Basic Cloud Backup

Noobeh’s Basic Cloud Backup

The backup service keeps your data safely backed up in a secure cloud vault… we even backup data from cloud servers and hosting providers!

Performing daily, incremental backups of your data offsite means your data isn’t lost even if your hard drive fails or becomes corrupted. We also set up a little test on each computer being backed up, validating that the test file isn’t encrypted or altered. If our test file has been altered in some way, it is an indication that malware or something else has been working in  your system, and you don’t want to back up bad stuff on top of good so the backup doesn’t run.

The vaults are 500GB big, so it takes a lot of backups to fill it up, giving you a lot of retained backups.

If you have your data hosted with a hosting provider, wouldn’t it make sense to also have it backed up and protected in one other place? We have customers using a variety of hosting companies, but they also use us to backup their valuable business data.

We use SyncBackPro software (which you can buy or we can get for you), and the backup is set to run as efficiently as possible so it doesn’t interfere with your computer operation.

$25 per month is a small price to pay for keeping your business data safe.



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