Time Travel is Possible with the Cloud: QuickBooks on Azure Delivers Immediate Business Benefit

Small businesses are finding that moving to a cloud IT approach proves to be a highly beneficial and strategic decision. At face value it may be difficult to understand exactly what benefits a cloud hosted IT model might have for a business, but when you consider the positive ramifications of reducing the time between delivery and invoicing, billing and payment receipt, or customer demand and product supply, you rapidly realize that the cloud means much more to the business than just another way to run the software.  

The cloud makes time travel possible in a way, because the result is available immediately upon completion of the task. The order is received as soon as it’s placed, and the stock can ship as soon as the order is in. Payments are made as goods are received. It is all in real time and just in time, which is tough to accomplish when the systems aren’t always running and available.

Business owners and IT managers for small and mid-sized businesses are often told that the cloud is best applied only when big innovation is required. Yet a cloud IT model is a way to improve operations and workflows with existing applications and services, no matter what size. 

With Noobeh’s QuickBooks on Azure solution, owners and managers no longer have to look to new software to enable mobility, remote access and a fundamentally stronger and better-managed system. Existing applications can be hosted and delivered from the cloud, extending their useful life as well as the value of the development, intellectual property and data, and giving businesses capabilities not readily available with local implementations.

Among the greatest benefits of Noobeh’s cloud services are the application of security best practices along with the high levels of system fault tolerance and recovery capabilities offered by the Microsoft Azure platform. This behind the scenes work offers tremendous benefit, which is why many businesses looking for cloud solutions do so for reasons of cost management, security and redundancy while not fully recognizing that their daily processes will gain significant benefit, too.

We invite you to (time) travel with us… and see tomorrow’s benefits today!

Joanie Mann

Joanie Mann

Focus is on Digital business transformation for small/medium businesses. As the principal consultant for Cooper Mann Company and Noobeh's Director of Cloud Services, Joanie Mann provides support and guidance for businesses seeking to implement cloud solutions and hosted services in their IT environments and consults with solution providers to develop or expand application hosting and application delivery service offerings. Joanie is the Director of Delivery for Noobeh Cloud Services (a division of Mendelson Consulting), and is on the board of advisors of ACE Cloud Hosting & MyRealData.com

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