QuickBooks 2017 is available this week to everyone! Every new version brings exciting new features and
improvements and this year is no exception:260cc9e7-05a3-461d-b3b2-16e0204a8772

Scheduled Reports – Get timely insight with automated Scheduled Reports. Save time by allowing customization and scheduling of reports to be generated and emailed automatically.

Smart Search – Save time with an easier, faster search. Locate accounts, items, and customers faster by typing in part of a name and having QuickBooks automatically fill in the rest.

In Between Amount Search – Now you can search between values to find a transaction, within an amount range, not just above or below an amount.

Visual Reminder to Record Make Deposits – QuickBooks users are now notified with a badge on the Make Deposits icon on the Home Page when there are funds recorded as received for customer invoices but not yet recorded as deposited to the bank account. This feature is a visibility improvement and does not change the workflow in QuickBooks for recording payments and making deposits.

Credit Card Cleared Status – View an easy-to-read credit card charge status, resulting from reconciliation of credit card statement in QuickBooks.

Report Filters View & Modification – On a displayed report, users can select Show or Hide the applied filters. Users can easily modify the filters by clicking the filter type on the displayed report to open the Modify Report with the selected filter active.

Quickly Select Filters – Easily view and select multiple report filters. In previous year’s versions of QuickBooks Desktop, users had to carefully scroll through a list to pick the individual filtered elements. Now, in QuickBooks 2017, when selecting multiple items in a filter for a report, the list is displayed clearly, and a Select All or Clear All option is provided.

Deleted Users on Audit Trail – This improvement is for instances when a QuickBooks Username is deleted by the Admin user. The Audit Trail will now retain user names associated with transaction changes for deleted users. This one is especially dear and near to those (of us) obsessed with internal controls!

Copy & Paste in Time Sheets – Now copy and paste entire lines within time sheets reduc­ing data entry time.

Improved Multi-User Experience in QuickBooks Enterprise

  • View an up-to-date list of logged-in users with a Refresh button on the user list window
  • Provide a timed log out notification to users via QB Messenger
  • Previously features not available when another user was currently using them, you can now Pay Bills, Print & Scan Checks, link Estimates to Invoices, and link POs to Bills while other users are currently in them


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