When is QuickBooks like popcorn? A client showed me.

A client contacted me about a strange problem she was having with QuickBooks.

There are two QuickBooks files that she and others use. We will call them company A & company B. Company A works great. She and others use it with no problem. Company B has the problem, but only with her login to QuickBooks.

If she logs into QuickBooks as a coworker, it works fine. When she logs into it with her own username, it gives her this crash of QuickBooks:

But why only her?

This is one of our clients using Noobeh cloud services powered by Azure. When I connected with her desktop/session, I noticed she had about six different windows open inside QuickBooks.

Something flashed in my mind. It was Mario talking about how QuickBooks users often forget to close open windows when they close QuickBooks. I remember Mario explaining that it takes QuickBooks longer to complete the opening of the program because it must reopen all the windows that were left open when the user last closed the QuickBooks company.

“So”, I said, “before you show me this issue, let’s close some of these open windows because I don’t like to see more than three open at the start of QuickBooks”. She let me close them, but then… It kept going…and going.

I would close ten and there still were more. I just kept going closing them. Reports and transaction windows and more reports and lists and more reports. I told her “I can’t stop! It’s like eating popcorn. Once you start you have to keep going.

It was over three hundred windows (not exaggerating) and several times I had to stop to make sure I was doing it right and not stuck in some loop. Yes, QuickBooks has a Close all Windows feature which would have saved me at least 20 minutes of closing windows, but I needed to ascertain how many open windows there actually were.  And it would have taken all the fun out of it…

After all the popcorn eating, her application worked just fine. 

Connect with us today and let us work up a plan to deploy QuickBooks and all your other important desktop applications and data on a more flexible and scalable solution crafted just for your business on the Microsoft Azure platform. You get the best cloud hosting platform available AND our expertise with QuickBooks to go with it. It’s like getting butter on your popcorn… makes it taste better!

Note: The client was a little embarrassed about this whole situation and asked that I don’t tell anyone about this. I told her “don’t you worry, my lips are sealed.” I typed this whole article without opening my lips.

Mike, the IT guy
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Mike Ryan is the Chief Technical Manager for Noobeh Cloud Solutions, bringing many years of experience working with small/midsize businesses and their IT infrastructure. Mike, the IT Guy (as he likes to call himself) has been with the Mendelson Consulting team for over 14 years.

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