Working Together: Cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Management for PCs

Mike-cloud-cornerEven with a move to cloud platforms and technologies, many businesses still want to run applications and store data on their PCs and laptops. While we at Noobeh highly recommend server-based (cloud server-based, I should add) computing models due to their efficiencies in user environment and system management and security, we also recognize that not all applications or services can or should run from a remote server or desktop. We don’t want to simply ignore these local computing requirements. Instead, we want them to work in conjunction with the cloud server and services and be as secure and useful as they can be.

For these hybrid environments where cloud and local IT meet, Noobeh provides services to protect and preserve data and operating environments regardless of how the user works. With sophisticated remote management and monitoring tools, Noobeh is able to offer cloud-based services to keep PCs and on-premises servers and other network devices operating smoothly so that users can do their work without constant interruption and downtime.

Many Noobeh customers utilize Microsoft OneDrive to store files, but their Azure cloud server is where QuickBooks, MS Office and other desktop applications are run, and the OneDrive gets backed up to the cloud server so all data is protected the way it should be.  Customers using QuickBooks Online also use Azure cloud servers to store the company files, run Office applications and browser-based apps, and especially to run SQL-based solutions that still need a server and platform to run.

There is no single correct technology model out there, and just about every business has needs in multiple areas.  You’ll love our QuickBooks on Azure or Azure server hosting and management services, the Microsoft 365 applications and services we can provide, and our PC and server cloud-based remote monitoring and management. At least one of those things is something your business needs and could benefit from. I’m sure of it.

Noobeh has the team, the knowledge and experience, and the Microsoft cloud platform to help you get more from your IT. Plus, we work and play well with others, just like our solutions.

Mike, the IT guy
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Mike Ryan is the Chief Technical Manager for Noobeh Cloud Solutions, bringing many years of experience working with small/midsize businesses and their IT infrastructure. Mike, the IT Guy (as he likes to call himself) has been with the Mendelson Consulting team for over 14 years.

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