Your Company Employees are Spread All Over the Place? Some Use PCs? Some Use Macs? No Problem!

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Lots of businesses have employees working from different places, and yes, some of them use Apple computers instead of Windows.

There are people working everywhere. There’s Joe at the downtown warehouse. Sue works in the main office that is miles away from the warehouse. And John works from home four days a week… on a MacBook! We help them all work together on the same systems, the same software and the same data all in real-time so the business owner can focus on running the business and not the technology it runs on.

It doesn’t really matter that workers need to work on different devices from different locations – or even different cities or countries – because they can always get to the applications and information they need to get the work done.

We create completely customized solutions for our customers, and we use the Microsoft Azure platform to do it. It’s as affordable as other hosting services but it’s better because it is private and not shared. Each company has their own account with Microsoft, their own resources and services, making the solution far more secure than shared services and offering the flexibility of running all the applications the business needs.

We don’t limit which applications can be run, unlike other hosts. We run the applications you want to run so your users can be productive no matter where they are. And our services support PC, Mac and mobile platforms, so users can be fully productive with all their computers.

If you’re looking for anytime/anywhere access to your QuickBooks or other business applications, or if you have multiple business locations that need access to your QuickBooks or other software, we can help.

Our Noobeh Cloud Services division can deploy QuickBooks on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for your company, giving you the dedicated cloud solution your business needs to keep users productive and business moving.

This isn’t the QuickBooks Online solution, this is the FULL DESKTOP QUICKBOOKS you have come to rely on. It’s just delivered on the cloud, giving you maximum agility and protection from hardware failures and natural disasters.

Give us a call today and let us work up a plan to deploy your applications and data on a safer and more secure solution crafted just for your business on the Azure platform. It’s the best way to keep your workers working and your business running

Mike, the IT guy
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Mike Ryan is the Chief Technical Manager for Noobeh Cloud Solutions, bringing many years of experience working with small/midsize businesses and their IT infrastructure. Mike, the IT Guy (as he likes to call himself) has been with the Mendelson Consulting team for over 14 years.

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