Private Cloud for Small Business

Noobeh’s QuickBooks on Azure servers are custom built for your business with all of the software you require to succeed and grow your business. Compared to shared service platforms, it’s like comparing a private beach to a public pool.

About Noobeh

Noo-BEH: (phonetic) of “nube” Latin, Spanish meaning : ”cloud

Cloud. Every businessperson has at least thought the word while yearning for something better. Some have even been at the fringes, dabbling in short jaunts to SaaS or web services; some have even taken a ride on a shared cloud. More have the t-shirt from when they heard that everything was about to move there, like music and movies. We work with clients and their tech teams to deliver robust and reliable corporate infrastructure that serves business needs. When these businesses go to the cloud, they want all that they have down here, up there.

Noobeh is how you say cloud. It sounds like New-BAY. There’s no “Shared-” prefix, or “-as-a-“ stuck between—it’s not an “App”—Noobeh is discrete, bespoke cloud environments for Small Business on Microsoft’s Azure Platform. 

Private Cloud for Small Business

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