What applications can I run on my cloud server?

  • Noobeh services handle applications that are designed to run on Windows desktops and servers. While many of the applications are desktop products requiring users to connect to remote desktops and remote apps, web-based applications using IIS, database driven applications using MSSQL and other RDBMS solutions can also be hosted.
  • Microsoft Office applications and connected services are delivered as Office365 ProPlus subscription, with the Office suite applications installed on the server for remote desktop access.

How do users connect to the service?

  • User devices connect to desktops and apps using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client
  • Remote Desktop Protocol is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft and provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection.
  • Clients exist for most versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, iOS, Android, and other operating systems.
  • Web application users will connect using their device browser or native app client.

Is RDP secure?

  • All session in-transit data is protected by RDS encryption at the highest level of security available (128-bit)
  • Authentication and handshake between client and service is encrypted via SSL

Is data on the platform secured?

  • Data stored on the platform is secured by 2 levels of firewall and server access controls, with built-in capabilities for securing platform operations, applications, storage, networking, compute resources and (user) identities.
  • Active Directory controls and centralized security policy management ensures compliance.
  • Least-access policies governing Noobeh technical and support users protects customer information.
  • Continuous programmatic monitoring of the security of machines, networks, storage and data services, and applications assists in the discovery of potential security issues.

Is my account in the same account or server as any other company?

  • No shared accounts. All Noobeh services are provisioned as a unique and separate account, network, directory and server(s) for each individual customer subscriber. This is a cloud that is private to your company, deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Is data on the platform backed up?

  • Data is backed up to Azure backup vaults which store data on the Microsoft Azure platform in redundant regions in the US.
  • Each server has a minimum of (1) 500GB vault, and backups are performed and retained until the vault reaches capacity, at which point older restore points may be deleted or another vault opened.
  • Backups are performed nightly (usually starting at 8:30pm)
    • Daily backups are retained for 180 days.
    • Weekly backups are retained for 52 weeks, performed on Saturday.
    • Monthly backups are retained for 36 months, performed on the first Sunday of each month.
    • Yearly backups are retained for 7 years, performed on January 1 of each year.
  • An additional secondary cloud backup is performed nightly.
    • Enables recovery of backed up data in the event of an Azure platform outage.
    • The secondary backup also tests the system to ensure that data has not been encrypted by malware or other means prior to backup running, protecting the backup data from being overwritten by encrypted files.

How long does it take to restore from backups?

  • System restores can generally be performed within 4 hours, and file restores within 2 hours.
  • Timeframe for restores depends on whether entire system or just a file needs recovery.
  • If files in Azure storage are unusable such as may be the case with ransomware, malware or other types of encryption of files on the server, files can be restored from the most recent secondary cloud backup. Restoring files from the secondary backup takes additional time and is dependent upon the volume of data to be restored.

What is the disaster recovery plan for my system?

  • If disaster strikes and your Azure cloud server were to fail or become unusable, re-creating the server and getting users back up and running can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.
    • A new server is provisioned in your account, and a server snapshot is restored from Azure backup. If the server was entirely corrupted, a new server is provisioned on the platform.
    • Applications are validated or re-installed.
    • Active Directory objects are validated or recreated.
    • Data is restored and refreshed.

Can I get administrator access to my system?

  • In most cases, Noobeh will attempt to find a solution with the customer which satisfies the requirement without providing server admin permission to the customer.
    • If unable to provide an alternative solution or approach, Noobeh may grant server administrator permissions to a specified customer user, but with some caveats.
    • A user may be granted server admin rights, but will not be granted full account admin role.
    • The company must indemnify and hold Noobeh harmless for any damage or ill effects experienced after admin rights are granted to user.

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