Custom Integrations


What happens when the largest retailer in the island country of Bermuda needed to upgrade their legacy accounting and point-of-sale system?

    • They call MENDELSON CONSULTING. We analyzed their business requirements, including accounting, merchandising, and point-of-sale. We implemented QuickBooks Enterprise, converting the data from the legacy accounting system; we evaluated and helped choose a fitting merchandising and point-of-sale system for their department store business; and we worked with the point-of-sale developer on creating the integration between their system and QuickBooks.

What happens when a golf course management company wants to integrate their 30+ facilities, each with multiple operations (golf course, pro shop, restaurant, and more), into one system and wants automatic update of the individual QuickBooks company files from a point-of-sale system that does not talk to QuickBooks?

    • They call MENDELSON CONSULTING. We worked with the point-of-sale system provider to configure a mechanism for export of data and configured a separate mechanism for automatic import into the corresponding QuickBooks company files.

What happens when a large hospitality laundry service company needed to bridge their custom hotel billing system with QuickBooks for automating entry of hundreds of invoices weekly?

    • They call MENDELSON CONSULTING. We created a mechanism for importing incompatible data into QuickBooks.

What happens when a major international jewelry retailer needed help in creating a bridge between their custom-built franchise point-of-sale system and their own mandate to standardize and require all franchisees use QuickBooks financial software?

    • They call MENDELSON CONSULTING. We worked with their point-of-sale developer to help design and test the communication of daily activity between their custom system and QuickBooks.

What happens when an international toy manufacturer and distributor wanted to bring all outsourced operations in-house?

    • They call MENDELSON CONSULTING. We implemented QuickBooks Enterprise and moved their back office operations from a third-party logistics center to in-house, including implementing a 3rd-party software to integrate three separate portals used by different reps for entering orders.

All the above are examples of successful QuickBooks implementations where there was no built-in connection between another system and QuickBooks, and companies hired us to help design and implement such integration, most of the time with existing software utilities.



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