Data Conversions

We have performed QuickBooks conversions from a variety of other applications, including:

    • Oracle
    • NetSuite
    • MAS 200
    • Great Plains
    • SAP Business One
    • BusinessWorks
    • Peachtree
    • DacEasy
    • AS400 custom-developed applications
    • And a large variety of legacy and industry-specific software

When it comes to software conversions, there are several approaches. We discuss these with the client:

    • Lists + Beginning Balances only
    • Lists + Beginning Balances + Historical Trial Balances
    • Lists + Beginning Balances + Historical Transaction Detail

Each has its pros and cons. Some are more applicable than others depending on the source data. Cost is also a big determining factor. The choice also depends on whether the previous system will remain available for reference after QuickBooks goes live. If the client does not have the resources for it, we also get involved in the extraction of data from the previous system.

In every case, we involve the client’s accounting professional for client advice and help in deciding which type of conversion; and in most cases also the client’s IT professional, as there are some technology considerations on these kinds of projects.

One of our well-known conversions was from Oracle to QuickBooks and it included QuickBooks custom reporting after the client was live on QuickBooks. Intuit wrote a Case Study that discussed the complex conversion work.

Perhaps one of our most well-known conversions happened several years ago, where we helped customize the clients’ use of QuickBooks and workflows. Intuit produced a Case Study that highlighted the various aspects of the implementation. Shortly after, the company had to change systems to NetSuite due to a mandate by their main vendor partner. And a year after being on NetSuite, they asked us to convert them back to QuickBooks. Many a story has a happy ending.


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