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Working with file sharing and syncing solutions allows businesses to keep all their documents and data in a centralized location while enabling users to access the information from anywhere, using any device, as long as they have an internet connection. For many companies, moving files from the local server to the cloud represents an improvement in their overall data security model.

Storing files in a Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint can not only improve the overall security of valuable business data, but it also allows users to access the same files directly, whether the user works on their Azure cloud server or on their own PC or laptop.

Noobeh helps businesses implement OneDrive, SharePoint and other Microsoft services, and we know what it takes to ensure the data is fully protected when using them.

Storing files in OneDrive and SharePoint allows for centralized access and security, but backups aren’t part of the standard service. Accidental file deletions or random file corruption can cause businesses to lose essential data if they aren’t caught right away. Backups in most online file services only go back 90 days. If you lose a file and don’t notice it for a few months, it could be gone for good.

Whether it is a machine in your office or a server in the cloud, you need someplace safe to backup your file data. Think of it this way: when you have data in your office, back it up to the cloud. If you have data only in the cloud, back it up to your office or another cloud.

Either way, Noobeh can help you create an IT model that not only helps you get work done but keeps your data safe while doing it.

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Mike Ryan is the Chief Technical Manager for Noobeh Cloud Solutions, bringing many years of experience working with small/midsize businesses and their IT infrastructure. Mike, the IT Guy (as he likes to call himself) has been with the Mendelson Consulting team for over 14 years.

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