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Mendelson Consulting, in conjunction with Intuit, is pleased to have a partnership with your franchise. As part of this partnership, you are eligible to receive exclusive discounts on QuickBooks Online, Intuit Payroll and much more.

Standard QuickBooks Online Discount

30% off 1st year

For Franchises new to QuickBooks Online

Standard Multi-Company QuickBooks Online Discount

50% off 1st year

For franchises new to QuickBooks Online purchasing 2 or more QuickBooks Online subscriptions at same time

Standard QuickBooks Desktop Migrator to QuickBooks Online Discount

50% off 1st year

For franchises new to QuickBooks Online coming from QuickBooks Desktop software

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Canadian Version: QuickBooks Online Discount

Single Company

50% off 1st year

Multi Company

50% off 2 years

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QuickBooks OnlineImport Company's Chart Of AccountsPayroll
Bach To Rock | Buy QuickBooksBach to Rock | COABach of Rock | Payroll
Celebree School | Buy QuickBooksCelebree School | COACelebree School | Payroll
Criterium Engineers | Buy QuickBooksCriterium Engineers | COACriterium Engineers | Payroll
EcoMaids | Buy QuickBooksEcomaids US | COAEcoMaids | Payroll
GYM GUYZ | Buy QuickBooksGYM GUYZ | COAGYMGUYZ | Payroll
Home Well Care Services | Buy QuickBooksHome Well Senior Care | COAHomeWell Care Services | Payroll
Hounds Town USA | Buy QuickBooksHoundstown | COAHounds Town USA | Payroll
HuntingtonLearningCenter | Buy QuickBooksHuntington Learning | COAHuntington Learning Center | Payroll
Junk Luggers | Buy QuickBooksJunk Luggers | COAJunkLuggers | Payroll
K9 Resorts | Buy QuickBooksK9 Resorts | COAK9 Resorts | Payroll
Lawn Doctor | Buy QuickBooksLawnDoctor | COALawn Doctor | Payroll
Mosquito Hunters | Buy QuickBooksMosquitoHunters | COAMosquito Hunters | Payroll
Pool Scouts | Buy QuickBooksPool Scouts | COAPool Scouts | Payroll
River Pools and Spas | Buy QuickBooksRiverpools | COARiver Pools and Spas | Payroll
School of Rock | Buy QuickBooksSchool of Rock | COASchool of Rock | Payroll
Snapology | Buy QuickBooksSnapology | COASnapology | Payroll
Spray-Net | Buy QuickBooksSpray Net | COASpray-Net | Payroll
Strickl and Brothers | Buy QuickBooksStrickl and Brothers | COAStrickland Brothers | Payroll
Miss Quito | Buy QuickBooksMissquito | COAMissQuito | Payroll
Painter Bros | Buy QuickBooksPainterbros | COAPainter Bros | Payroll
Cleanest Restaurant Group | Buy QuickBooksCleanest Restaurant Group | COACleanest Restaurant Group | Payroll
Max Living | Buy QuickBooksMaxliving | COAMaxLiving | Payroll
PAINT CORPS | Buy QuickBooksPaint Corps | COAPAINT CORPS | Payroll
Subway | Buy QuickBooksPlease scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out form to get startedSubway | Payroll

Set-Up Process: Chart of Accounts for New QuickBooks Users

***To add Payroll, Merchant Services, or need additional assistance – please reach out to to make
sure you can take advantage of any discounts or specials for the Franchise Group!

QuickBooks Training

You aren’t alone! At Mendelson Consulting we have courses designed for the new user, accounting professional, or anyone in between. Classes are held in our state-of-the-art training facility or we can come to your location. 

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