Retail POS

A restaurant chain named for a very famous personality wanted to improve their accounting access controls and implement a point-of-sale system for tracking their memorabilia inventory. We implemented QuickBooks Enterprise to take advantage of the granular user-access permissions and set up QuickBooks Point of Sale for controlling the inflow and outflow of merchandise. For the first time, they had detailed access to on-hand inventory quantities and value. Read the Intuit Case Study on this fascinating company.

Read the Intuit Case Study about our wild adventure implementing QuickBooks Point of Sale for the Florida Everglades National Park across their multiple locations, some which are very hard to access geographically and have limited power and internet connectivity. This installation led to a similar successful implementation of QuickBooks Point of Sale at Redwood National Park in California.

We have implemented QuickBooks POS at many other entities, large and small. It can be a single station kiosk in our local mall or a multi-location retailer with locations in several states or a seawater dolphin facility in the Bahamas also with multiple locations (yes, we did that one), we make QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel work for the situation.


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