The Right QuickBooks Solution at the Right Time (Pt 2)

Right QuickBooks Solution

As we continue our look at Acctivate, we are going to look at the optional modules that are available

Business Activity Management

Business activities manage and track any activity, issue, follow-up, event or project. Each time a user logs into Acctivate, they are presented with a current list of alerts and business activities.

Business Activity Scheduling

Business Activity Scheduling allows you to schedule service calls for a customer. The calendar view will show you which tasks are scheduled, for when.

You can:

  • Graphically view & schedule service activities
  • Drag and drop scheduling of service orders to assign or reassign activities
  • At-a-glance view of the activities due on any specific day

Business Activity Scheduling

You will be able to add labor or material to a task, making billing a breeze.

  • Tracks & bills time and materials for services tracked in Acctivate
  • Adds labor & materials directly to any existing service activity
  • Easily creates a service invoice with the Service Billing Wizard upon activity completion or on a progress basis
  • Bill each service ticket separately or combine multiple service tickets on a single invoice

Lot / Serial Number Control

Unlike QuickBooks, where you need to select either Lot number or Serial numbers to your inventory items, you can assign either a lot number or serial number to each inventory item, allowing you to use both. Additionally, the actual costs of a specific lot or serial number can be applied to an invoice, giving you accurate costing.

Drop Ship/Special Order

An inventory item in Acctivate can be setup as a dropship or special order. Alternatively, an individual line item on an order can be made drop ship, or special order. Once the item is designated, a wizard will show you the drop ship or special order items that need to be purchased. With one click of a button, purchase orders are generate to the vendor(s). No more having to create individual purchase orders in QuickBooks.

Once the purchase orders are created, the sales order is linked to the purchase order, making it extremely easy to track.


Landed Costs

The Landed Cost module allows you to apply additional costs to your inventory, regardless of when the bill is received. Whether it is freight, duty, overhead, or some other inventory related charge, these can be applied after the fact, and Acctivate will update all impacted transactions with the new cost.

Acctivate allows for a different items costs for each warehouse. So if you are shipping and item from one warehouse to another, you can capture the additional freight costs for the receiving warehouse using the Landed Cost module.

Lot / Serial Number Control

Unlike QuickBooks, where you have to select either Lot number or Serial numbers for your inventory items, you can assign either lot numbers or serial numbers to each inventory part number, allowing you to use both. Additionally, the actual costs of a specific lot or serial number can be applied to an invoice, giving you accurate costing.

Smart Vault Integration

Acctivate users can access SmartVault right from within Acctivate to easily and securely attach and view documents & files. By leveraging the integration between Acctivate and SmartVault, your documents can be accessed right from Acctivate, from QuickBooks (when a data sync is done), or from any web browser or mobile device. Easily find the file you need, when you need it.

AvaTax Integration

Doing sales tax right is simple with AvaTax. AvaTax does all of the research and automates the process for you, ensuring that the system is up-to-date with the most recent sales tax rules in every state and international VAT, so you don’t have to. As a web-based solution, AvaTax eliminates the need for manually maintaining and supporting an on-premise sales tax system. It gives you precise tax calculations in an instant based on location and product taxability rules. AvaTax stores the detailed information needed for reporting and remitting, and can even do the filing for you!

Variable Build / Batch Manufacturing

With Acctivate’s Variable Build components and quantities can be replaced or substituted on the fly. For example, if you manufacture a piece of equipment where the customer can choose a different type of lighting, the item can be substituted at the time the order is created, so when manufacturing gets the build request, the configuration the customer requested is on the build sheet. This negates the need to have a separate part number for each potential configuration.

With Batch Manufacturing, (or process manufacturing), whether recipe or formula, you can adjust the component quantities to what is actually used. In the same token, you can adjust the final yield of the batch to what is ultimately produced.

Acctivate Mobile

People that think of barcoding, do so in order to increase efficiency and accuracy. Although QuickBooks Enterprise solutions with Advanced Inventory included “barcoding”, it is not what most people are looking for.

In the majority of cases, people are looking for a barcoding solution that will allow them to receive product, or pick orders using a mobile device without having to keep returning to the computer.

With Acctivate Mobile, you can manage your warehouse inventory, from the receiving of goods, to picking of products for orders, using barcodes and industry standard mobile computers.

Web Store Integration

Acctivate allows for direct integration to a growing list of shopping carts. This negates the need for an additional 3rd party software to create and manage the connection. Your webstore customers and orders are created in Acctivate with the click of button. Also depending on your shopping cart, information such as inventory quantities, order status, and tracking information can be sent back to your webstore.

EDI Integration

Acctivate allows for direct integration to the most popular QuickBooks EDI Value Added Networks. This negates the need for an additional 3rd party software to create and manage the connection or the forms.

From the receipt of the purchase order (EDI Transaction 850) to the creation of the carton labels (UCC-128), to the transmission of the final invoice, this is all handled seamlessly and is automated between your EDI VAN and Acctivate.

Shipping Workstation Integration

Acctivate has created a link between your UPS, FedEx, USPS, ShipRush, and DHL software.

From inside of your shipping software of choice (or a combination of different carriers), you simply type of scan in the order number. This will populate your shipping software with all the required shipping information without having to rekey anything.

Once the shipment is processed the tracking information, and shipment cost will be sent back to the order in Acctivate, making it easy to find.

If a customer calls in to inquire about their order, with a click of a button on the order screen, Acctivate will launch the shippers tracking website and give you up to date information on where the shipment is. No more will you have to contact the shipping department to find out what is happing with the order.

In conclusion

Acctivate is a robust solution that can be tailored for any business, and can address the majority of business needs, without the cost of a large and complex ERP system.

Keith Fileccia

Keith Fileccia

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  1. Jason

    I’d like to see a comparison between Acctivate and Agiliron for wholesale distribution. Is Acctivate in a totally different league?

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