Maximize Business Efficiency – Take These Steps and See the Improvement

Every business wants to do better in some way. Saving time and money, improving productivity, or enhancing customer service are the worthy goals of many an enterprise. Yet there are other benefits to be derived from improved efficiency and they aren’t always quite as obvious. Enabling better decision-making, for example, is supported with better data and insight, and improvements in process efficiency help deliver that data. Improving efficiency can also help small businesses become more agile and flexible, enabling quicker responses to changing market conditions and customer needs.

There are several key steps a small/growing business can take to maximize efficiency, building a stronger foundation to support the operation going forward. A focus on each of these areas will deliver beneficial results throughout the organization and position the company for even greater future success.

Automate processes.

One of the most effective ways to increase efficiency is by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating re-keying of information. This can include anything from accounting and bookkeeping work to customer relationship management and inventory management data. By automating repetitive data-entry and similar tasks, small businesses can reduce errors, save time, and free up employees to focus on more strategic work.

Get cloud.

Cloud-based solutions can help small businesses streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve collaboration. For example, using secure cloud-based storage services can make it easier to share files with users outside of the company, while cloud-hosted accounting software can provide real-time financial data and help automate billing and invoicing.

Noobeh’s QuickBooks on Azure and other services take advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, delivering all the benefits of traditional desktop applications and data management but with the security and agility only a true cloud platform can provide.

Outsource non-core functions.

Also known as “do what you do best”, small businesses can maximize their efficiency by outsourcing non-core functions such as payroll processing, human resources, and IT support. These are things that the business needs but typically doesn’t have expertise in. Outsourcing these tasks to specialized service providers can help businesses reduce costs, improve service quality, and free up employees to focus on the core activities of the business.

Noobeh’s cloud services team not only provides application hosting services on the Microsoft Azure cloud, we also provide cloud-based PC remote management and monitoring, anti-virus, Microsoft OneDrive and TEAMS support, and other cloud services to keep your local IT in line with your cloud IT.

Invest in employees.

Employee training, employee development, and employee performance management systems can help small businesses maximize efficiency by improving employee skill sets and knowledge, as well as helping to motivate workers through recognition of achievement. Setting clear goals and providing regular feedback helps to establish a culture of accountability and high performance, while training in technology, leadership and communication can help employees work more effectively together to drive business growth.

Any small and growing business can find ways to improve efficiency by helping their processes and people perform better. Process automation and improvement, implementation of cloud-based solutions, outsourcing non-core functions, and making ongoing investments in employees and their development are the specific steps that will help propel the company forward and deliver visible overall improvement.

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Joanie Mann

Joanie Mann

Focus is on Digital business transformation for small/medium businesses. As the principal consultant for Cooper Mann Company and Noobeh's Director of Cloud Services, Joanie Mann provides support and guidance for businesses seeking to implement cloud solutions and hosted services in their IT environments and consults with solution providers to develop or expand application hosting and application delivery service offerings. Joanie is the Director of Delivery for Noobeh Cloud Services (a division of Mendelson Consulting), and is on the board of advisors of ACE Cloud Hosting &

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