What’s New in QuickBooks 2015 – Work More Efficiently

Almost every year, the list of new features in the annual release of QuickBooks is impressive. This year is no exception. Here is a look at the ways QuickBooks 2015 allows you to work more efficiently.


Shortage report for assemblies

While this is mainly relevant for manufacturing companies, but many wholesale / distribution businesses also have some level of light manufacturing or assembly, converting raw materials or components into finished goods. Until now, you had to scroll through pages of components to find where you are short. No more wasting time comparing quantity on hand with quantity needed, with the click of a button, the new shortage report allows you to see exactly the components missing to build the number of assemblies needed. The shortage report is accessible from the Build Assembly window, filtered for the displayed build.

QuickBooks 2015 Assembly



Stock Status Reports improvements

This is very relevant for those with very long inventory lists. If you are tired of Stock Status reports being numerous pages with lots of zeros, now you can hide rows with zero quantity on hand. And Stock Status reports now allow to add all components needed to build assemblies and subassemblies (what we now call “Full Assemblies”); previous versions of the report did not factor in items needed for subassemblies or pending builds.

QuickBooks 2015 Stock Status Reports


Ability to sort columns on transactions

On transaction forms such as Invoices, Sales Orders, or Purchase Orders, you can now sort transaction lines by any column by simply clicking on the column header. Printed forms will retain the new sort order saved.

Quickbooks 2015 Invoices



Search within transactions

No more scrolling through long sales documents to find a line item; just type any text or numeric values into the search field and QuickBooks will highlight values that match. This certainly helps save time when scanning a long transaction.

QuickBooks 2015 Transaction Search



Shaded lines on transactions

Now transactions and reports have alternate rows shading, making it more efficient to scan a lengthy transaction or report. This makes physical inventory counts and warehouse picking easier and more accurate.

Quickbooks 2015 Shaded Lines





Control over your data:


– Preference to disallow negative inventory quantities (FINALLY!)
– Disallow selling to customer who are overdue on payments
– Preferences to control mistakes with data
– Bump users out of QuickBooks remotely, even with unsaved data


Customize transactions:


– Total any column on sales and purchases
– Option to see costs on sales forms
– Print footer only on last page of invoices


Reporting improvements:


– Save time by sending multiple reports in a single email
– Make reports easier to interpret with the new comments fields
– View unbilled hours in the Income Tracker
– New Advanced Reporting module (QB Enterprise)




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